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 ~About me~

Photography isn't just a noun. To me it means to freeze memories- it is the people you have met along the way....the stories you get to tell... and the details you can pass along for the rest of your life. For most families, it wil last beyond your generation.

My passion for photography will never end with my few landscape photos. It is not only satisfying- to me it makes life meaningful;


To create visuals, and share that experience with someone, at the snap of your shutter is worth everything.  Visuals someone may never be able to experience first hand.


I will be successful the day I am able to put a smile on your face. The day I can get you outside during a time you normally wouldn't want to, or help you dream of something that isn't necessarily feasible. 

I hope you enjoy viewing my photos. I hope they make you smile, and are inspirational.


Bitchin'!!! Thanks!!!!

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